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    We are real people in the capitol every day. Our comprehensive database offers the most advanced, real-time information on the Missouri legislative process.



    Identify legislation affecting your interests by exploring the full text of every bill, amendment, substitute, and more. Even if it contains no keywords - the same bills your opposition will try to hide from you.



    Go further with our in-depth statistical analysis of legislation, members, committees, vote records, campaign information, and more.





    GovWatch brings all action in the Missouri capitol to you, no matter where you are. We are in the capitol, as it happens, so you never miss a second.


    Alert Tracking

    Your GovWatch subscription gives you an unlimited number of alerts and track types. Organize them any way you need to - by client, position, priority, subject, contractor, and more.


    EMAIL and TEXT

    Our notifications are the fastest way to learn about current events at the Missouri capitol, including any actions on your legislation and committees and when the House and Senate convene, recess, adjourn, as well as when they will return.


With one look at a bill or committee, our reports will tell you who you are tracking it for, how important it is, what subject it falls under, who your support staff is, and whether or not it will send you notifications.




Real-time Status

Customize your legislative reports by adding your comments, recommendations, positions, priorities, and more. Generate website ready content organized by client, issue, subject, status - there is no limit to the number or variation


Committee Updates

Create reports for all hearings on the schedule or limit them by committee, member, legislation, date range, track information, and more. You can even include your personal notes and documents.


Statistical Analysis

Breakdown the massive amount of legislative information for every session with our member-sponsor pairings analysis, voting record scorecards and clusters, committee and bill actions, campaign contributions, and more.


Legislative Analysis

Highlighted, side-by-side comparison of all bill text, amendments, substitutes, and more allows you to breakdown every change to every bill. Add notes and documents to your legislation for further examination, compare statutes, and more.



"One legislative action can mean thousands of dollars to our company. GovWatch makes sure we don't miss a move. It is a valuable research tool we can't afford to be without."

Drue Duncan

Director, Governmental Relations

Pfizer, Inc.


"The ability to know what is happening in Missouri government at every turn, when it actually happens, is the difference between success and failure. The real-time reports and floor updates from GovWatch guarantee I have accurate information year-round."

Claudia Sands

Manager, State and Local Government Affairs



"GovWatch is an important part of the Missouri Hospital Association's work to manage the torrent of information generated by a state legislative session - bills, amendments, committee hearings, calendars, and real-time floor action. We have relied on this tool for years and continue to appreciate its value."

Daniel Landon

Senior Vice President, Governmental Relations

Missouri Hospital Association

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